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I wanted Wout to win, but I feel bad about it. Having admired MVDP’s astonishing performances this year, I was gutted for him having to endure what must have felt like the longest podium ceremony of his life. He didn’t deserve that.

Wout has been patient and calculating all season, measuring performances and hiding his true form to bring him to the absolute peak of his game for this one hour. The only time the mask slipped was when Wout got a thumping at Koppenberg back in November, that one seemed to hurt. It’s a classic cross tactic, let’s just let Sven ride himself into a hole winning World Cups and Superprestiges, then pay him back with a kicking at the worlds.

Anyway, amazing course, amazing crowds, amazing Netherlands. Amazing. Nice one. The image captions will give you a sense of the day, be sure to head over to the CXHANDBOOK INSTAGRAM for more. You can view the gallery from Day one of the champs, HERE.