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UCI World Cup, Koksijde, Belgium.

Koksijde is one of the jewels of Cyclocross, taking place amongst (and over) the dunes on the North Sea coast. Sadly this years edition took place in the midst of extraordinary security concerns in Belgium in response to a terror threat, and lots of people stayed away. There’s no way I wasn’t gonna go though! After a fairly lengthy but good natured search by a soldier on the way in, it was business as usual. The Belgian armed forces seem nice. We discussed my choice of baguette filling and he almost accepted, then declined my offer of a photo together. I wanted to try on his hat, but I don’t think that would have been okay. I hope someone got them some coffee at some point, because it was cooooold again. If you wish to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of Koksijde and Belgian cross, please play this in the background. You could also get drunk and sing it, but that’s optional. Anyway, what a day. Let the captions tell you more about what went down. Please also take a look at the Facebook page and give it a like by following the link HERE!