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SOUDAL Classic 3, Hasselt, Belgium

Cross is here. I think I made that statement in a previous post, but this time I properly mean it. It was freezing, and raining a lot, then snowing a bit, then snowing and raining at the same time, then just cold again. After 10 years living in Manchester, all my clothing has become waterproofs through natural selection. Normally this is frustrating to me. I don’t have the comfort that non waterproofed fabrics allow, and you can’t rock up in a North Face when everyone else is swanning about in those long coats grown ups wear. But all the expertise and technical clothing gathered from those years of Northern living came galloping to the rescue in Hasselt. (Really it is that wet. When you live there you kind of stop noticing, but when you leave. My word. I could tell you about the puddle on my street that was there for 2 1/2 years, but it’s not relevant.) The rain arrived just after the Junior race and kept up all day, turning what is often a flat and quite straightforward parcours into a slippery nightmare. The captions continue the story.

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