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Zilvermeercross Mol, Belgium

It was cold in Spa, but I reckon it was colder in Mol. Holy moly. When I shoot races I like to stay out of the press room as much as I can and wander about. Seems only fair when everyone else is stuck out in it whatever. (They can get boozy though. I imagine a belly full of mulled wine and schnapps would make it all a lot more comfortable.) However in Mol, I wussed out on my principles and huddled round cups of coffee in the warm whenever I could. The light, with low sun and clear, brittle air was incredible. When you get such nice conditions it feels a bit like cheating at picture taking, just point it anywhere and nice stuff will happen. I hoped to even the odds by slipping on a patch of ice in Spa the day before, breaking a lens and duffing up my elbow, but even that wasn’t enough to stop both icy days in Belgium being great fun to photograph. As with yesterday’s Spa coverage, this is a slightly condensed gallery of my favourites. Thanks for looking.