WMCCL Round 8, Blackwell Court

The promise of a bit of rain on Sunday was enough to convince Cyclocross Handbook to abandon the warmth of the flat for another freezing cold day at the cross. The races earlier in the afternoon were dry but the rain finally arrived shortly before the Senior race. It wasn’t much, but it’s perhaps a taste of whats to come later in the season and this weekend at the National Trophy. (Apparently it’s threatening to snow as I write this.) The racing was brilliant, particularly the Women’s race which saw a fantastic battle between National Trophy series leader Hannah Payton and U23 World Champion Evie Richards. If they’re both in good shape for the Trophy next week, thats definitely going to be one to watch. A full gallery will be available on the FACEBOOK PAGE later in the week, follow the link and give it a like. See you at a potentially snowy Trophy. Thanks for reading.