SRAM NDCXL, Chetwynd Barracks, Derbyshire

The Chetwynd Barracks Notts and Derby race is in illustrious company. Cyclocross has a thing for military property. Koksijde is an old Belgian Airforce base, and half the Gavere course is on Belgian military land. Getting into military facilities isn’t as hard as James Bond makes out. As long as you’ve got some sort of ID and a reason to be there it’s okay. When you don’t read the website before you arrive, and neglect to bring press card, driving licence or passport with you, it’s lots more difficult. Fortunately, there was a kindly NDCXL marshall on hand to negotiate my passage behind the razor wire. The course was mainly relatively dry, but quite long grass with a decent elevation and some technical woodland sections. Below are a small selection of all the images I shot. I’ll put up an extensive gallery on Facebook later so you can find yourself! Thanks for looking.