I was very fortunate to be sent a copy of Rainbows in the Mud, Paul Maunder’s cyclocross book, to read a week or two ago. The book follows the seasons of Katie Compton and Gage Hecht into the heartlands and history of cyclocross.

For those who are quite new to the cyclocross, the accounts of historic moments and foundations of the sport will be fascinating, and their evocative recreation will make the aficionados enjoy them all over again.

Throughout the book, there is an amazing sense of place. When we get boozy with him in Namur, Maunder recreates that world so vividly I can almost smell the beer soaking into the grass.

If you can’t make it to any races on the continent this season, this book will give you a great sense of what it’s like to be there. Then you’ll want to go so badly, you’ll probably book a ferry/plane. So I give this book five friets out of five.

Click HERE to buy Rainbows in the Mud.


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