NWCCA, Otterspool Park, Liverpool

The NWCCA has some great courses, (this one at Rossendale in particular is my favourite!) and Otterspool has been on the CXHandbook radar for a little while and I wasn’t disappointed. Or not entirely disappointed, I thought I could rely on the North West to be the one part of the country to have generated some mud but even here it’s still very dry. The course itself was great though, up and down through the trees in Autumn colour. Thanks as always to the volunteers and organisers for putting on a great event. A small disclaimer, I am publishing this in advance of the official results being published, so if there are some errors, or I’ve not put names to faces right, let me know and I’ll get it sorted! Please keep an eye out on the Facebook for a full gallery later in the week where you can spot yourselves, and look out also for a Koppenbergcross gallery in the week.