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London X League, Herne Hill

As it moves into it’s forth season, Cyclocross Handbook has reached a juncture much like that faced by an HBO drama. Everyone has got bored of the swearing, violence and the nudity, and started demanding proper substance and high production value. For it’s forth season, the focus of the site will be on fewer carefully selected events and international competition. I’ll let you judge for yourself whether S4E1 lives up to expectations, or whether it belongs in the internet equivalent of a petrol station bargain bin. (ie Reddit.)

Since I’ve gone so far with this analogy, it seems a shame to let it go; So, I’ll definitely be getting the boxset of the London X League! It was a great day out. Fantastically organised, attended and the quality of racing was second only to the quality of crowd participation/heckling/encouragement/high fives/all round good vibes. Thanks to everyone to organised and volunteered etc. No cross without yous. Unfortunately, at the time of publishing, I don’t have any published results to go on, and since London League isn’t a regular for CXHandbook, I can’t put a lot of names to faces. Sorry. Please feel free to help out if you spot yourself or your friends! Thanks.

If you are new to Cyclocross Handbook, click through the captioned images for a short report of the racing, and more often than not, the animals, food or booze encountered.