Kinesis Yorkshire League, Aireville Park, Skipton

Merry Crossmas! It’s finally cross season again. For the first race of the season, Cyclocross Handbook travelled to Skipton for the first round of the Kinesis Yorkshire Cyclocross League. Yorkshire feels like the home of British cross, (yeah, I said it) so it’s a great place to start the year. Aireville Park is nestled in a valley on the edge of the Dales, which means the course is brutal mix of steep climbs and slippery on slippery off camber turns. The weather this end of the country feels like it is on the change, and the cool of Autumn is definitely noticeable when the sun goes in. The captions in the gallery below take up the story, thanks for looking. If you haven’t already, head over to the Facebook and give CXHandbook a like. See you next week at the WMCCL in Pitcher Oak Woods.