BWA WMCCL, Tackeroo, Staffordshire

Tackeroo Campsite in Cannock Chase. What a beauty. It’s better known as a mountain bike trail centre, but it’s a great place for a cross race. The course was mainly run on the dusty single track, taking in some of the MTB elements. Breaking my collarbone at Three Peaks the week before this race made photography, a predominantly two handed activity, a little bit tricky and riding from the station impossible. I got there as fast as two trains and a taxi would carry me and my broken bones, but unfortunately arrived just after the Women’s race had finished. I took a look at the results and it was a good field, so sorry about that. Take a look at the gallery, and be sure to share.

If you were there, then there might be a photo of you on the new Facebook. I will be uploading a big gallery of you all there to have a look through. Click here to view the gallery. By buying an image of your lovely self, you can help keep CXHandbook on the road.

P.S. This is my first West Mids league race, so if you see I’ve miss identified a rider, let me know on the Twitters and I’ll sort it. If you see yourself, say hi!